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»Very easy to use SMS software
»Accessible from MAC / PC – iPad / Tablet or smartphone
» 24/7 Support available

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SMS Marketing Increase Sales

» 96% read within 3 minutes
» SMS marketing is preferred over emails.
» 64% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an mobile marketing campaign
» Deliver at a specific time of day for maximum impact

Best Value Pricing

» Plans to suit your needs
» Extreme functionality
» Lowest possible cost plans
» No contract
» No minimum terms

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Why Choose Us?

Ossys SMS Gateway was formed in 2013 by a small team that had both strong technical expertise and strong marketing knowledge. It is the combination of these two that sets us apart. Having world class leading SMS software and an easy to use system is only half of the equation; you should also have a solid understanding of what your customers want to do with it. Our aim is to provide our clients with first class and dependable SMS marketing software and solutions that deliver measurably improved business results..

Sender Id is the name or number that is shown on the recipient's mobile phone when they receive an SMS message. Send all your SMS with a custom Sender Id that reflects your brand or group. Depending on the telecom rules of the country, we work with operators to get the required Sender Id assigned to you.
Thousands of our clients have integrated our API into their applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations and passcodes. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle APPS.We also provide custom API's upon customer requests.
Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns and broadcasts using our Instantaneous and Dynamic delivery reports(also known as CDRs). Filter, search or download reports for further analysis and transparent billing.


Ossys SMS Gateway offers the ability to send and receive SMS throughout the world

Send SMS Messages Online

Whether you are a garage sending 20 personalized car service reminders or a global brand scheduling 10,00,000 bulk SMS, Ossys SMS gateway is perfect. Packed with cutting-edge tools & backed by fanatical support.

Simple SMS API Code for Developers

5 lines of code to connect your software to every mobile phone on the planet. Works with every programming language (PHP, .NET, Java etc.). Simply fetch the mobile number(s) from your database or HTML form & build the SMS content (merging data as required).

Birthday SMS

This feature will allow you to send personalized birthday wishes to your customers (e.g. with an additional discount code as a gift). It is the perfect tool to shape a positive image of brand/company, keep customers close and bring old customers back..

Discount Codes

People love to receive discounts and vouchers for products and services. The success of the SMS campaign largely depends on whether you offer a specific benefit, e.g. a discount on products or a service

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are for sending important information, such as, Two Factor Authentication, Transaction Alerts and other. There should not be any promotional content in these SMS. SMS can be sent anytime of the day.

Custom SenderID

Get your SMS Branded by using alphanumeric Sender ID characters.


Ossys SMS Gateway provides one of the lowest SMS rates in Bahrain.

1000 SMS Pack - BD 9.000

SMS rate of 9 fils per SMS


5000 SMS Pack - BD 42.500

SMS rate of 8.5 fils per SMS


10,000 SMS Pack - BD 80.000

SMS rate of 8 fils per SMS


50,000 SMS Pack - BD 375.000

SMS rate of 7.5 fils per SMS


100,000 SMS Pack

Contact Us for competitive rate

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Above 100,000 SMS pack

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Bahrain Operation

Our Bahrain office serves as a hub for all our business operations, ensuring great visibility and creating a vast number of opportunities to intimately work with our clients and partners. It provides maximum comfort helping to fuel a dynamic, multicultural working environment.

Sri Lanka Development

Sri Lanka harbours our key development team who provides state-of-the-art integration solutions to almost all the key Financial systems like SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft Dynamics .